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Ongoing PhD studies

Balken Doktorarbeiten

Current PhD studies at the Chair of Environmental Hydrological Systems:

student thesis assistance keywords
Hellwig, Jost On Trends of Drought in Groundwater Dominated Hydrosystems of Central Europe) Kerstin Stahl,
Markus Weiler
  • Nonlinear trends of drought frequency, severity and duration
  • Changed groundwater responses on precipitation deficit due to changes in hydrological system
  • Identification and quantification of different factors (e.g. climate change, land use changes, …)
Heudorfer, Benedikt Groundwater dynamics during drought Kerstin Stahl
  • Effect of gradually or abruptly changing processes on groundwater during dry conditions
  • Reciprocity of groundwater with surface water systems during dry conditions
  • Time series analysis, transit time modelling and numerical modelling
van Tiel, Marit Drought resilience in glacier fed hydrological systems: tracing trends and changes Kerstin Stahl
  • Analyzing streamflow variability and droughts in glacierized catchments
  • Similarities and differences in glacier hydrographs around the world
  • Investigating changes in the glacier fed hydrological system by empirical data analysis, model based attribution and scenario modelling


Graduate School "Environment, Society and Global Change" (ESGC)