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Chair of Environmental Hydrological Systems

Welcome to the homepage of the Chair of Environmental Hydrological Systems, Prof. Kerstin Stahl

We teach in the Bachelor programme "Environmental Sciences" and in the "Master of Hydrology" among others and participate in local, national and international science activities.

Our research deals with climate impacts on hydrology and water resources, in particular hydrological extremes and their impacts on environment and society. Projects that are keeping us busy focus on:

  • drought hazard and risk under global change (several projects)
  • hydrological processes and storages in catchments with
  • a focus on (partly glacierized ) mountain headwater regions (e.g. ASG Rhine project)


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Here is the team


Kerstin Stahl
stahl Hydrologist studying water's links to climate, environment and society: empirically at large scale, regionally with models, preferably long-term and with a special passion for mountain hydrology and downstream impacts of drought.

Research and teaching staff

Michael Stölzle
stoelzle Hydrologist and data scientist with focus on drought modelling, groundwater and alpine hydrology. Has a special interest in the relationship between catchment storages, baseflow and streamflow droughts. Teaching Data Management and Visualization and Current Topics of Hydrology.
Manuela Brunner
Hydrologist interested in hydrological extremes such as droughts and floods and in changes in water resources. Develops methods for assessing flood and drought hazard by combining multivariate statistical techniques with process knowledge and tries to understand climate- and human-induced changes in the water cycle. brunner
Jost Hellwig
hellwig Hydrological modeller and data scientist studying groundwater and surface water availability and quality. Research focus is drought and the complex interaction of climate-, catchment- and anthropogenic processes as the main driver of regional differences in drought occurrence.
Marit van Tiel
Hydrologist interested in mountain hydrology and glaciers and how climate change is affecting water resources. Using empirical data analysis and hydrological modelling, research focuses on glacio-hydrological controls on streamflow variability and glacier compensation effects, especially during dry years. van-tiel
Christopher Schlemper
schlemper Environmental scientist and geographer focusing on data science and geographical information systems. Works on the compilation of a dataset of hydrological time series and human impacts in the Alps. Has a special interest in geostatistical analyses with R and QGIS.

PhD students

Amelie Herzog
herzog Hydrologist studying water availability in the different compartments of the critical zone. Research focuses on measurement and modeling of hydrological processes at catchment scale. Currently working on the link between drought, streamflow intermittency and anthropogenic impacts on water resources.
Ruth Stephan
Data-Analyst focusing on drought impacts in mountainous regions. Assessing the multi-facetted variety of impacts in the Alpine region and combining the components hazard, exposure and vulnerability aiming at assessing the risk of drought impacts. stephan
Jonas Götte
goette Physical geographer specialized in Hydrology and interested in hydrological extremes, water resources and human-hydrosphere interactions. Current research focus on drought-flood transitions and human impacts on multivariate characteristics of droughts and floods.
Yonca Cavus
Civil engineer studying hydrology with a focus on droughts. Interested in drought analysis for water resources management at river basin scale. Works on drought reconceptualization and data-based drought intensity-duration-frequency curves using drought indices and physical variables, precipitation deficit and water deficit. cavus


Former group members

  • Veit Blauhut
  • Mathilde Erfurt
  • Irene Kohn