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Ongoing PhD studies

Balken Doktorarbeiten

Current PhD studies at the Chair of Environmental Hydrological Systems:

student thesis assistance keywords
Cavus, Yonca Development of drought intensity-duration-frequency curves based on standardized climatic indices using physical variables, deficit in precipitation and deficit in streamflow Kerstin Stahl
  • Spatiotemporal analysis of major droughts using station-based precipitation data in the Seyhan River basin
  • Drought reconceptualization for a better understanding drought characteristics
  • Data-based drought intensity-duration-frequency curves using drought indices and physical variables, precipitation deficit and water deficit
Herzog, Amelie An investigation on human and natural drivers of hydrological drought and streamflow Intermittency: The case of the Zartener Becken Kerstin Stahl
  • Observation based mapping of the spatial and temporal variability of streamflow intermittency in the tributaries of the Dreisam river
  • Modelling of groundwater-surface water interaction for a better process understanding in the context of hydrological drought
  • Scenario modelling to distinguish between human and natural drivers of streamflow intermittency


Graduate School "Environment, Society and Global Change" (ESGC)